Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) Limpopo

Benefits of Body Worx EMS

EMS training offers a wide range of benefits. For training purposes, health benefits and rehabilitation.

Low Impact on Joints
EMS training helps to strengthen the muscles, with no additional weight required, it adds no additional impact to the joints, allow you to exercise without fear of strain or injury.

Strengthens the Core and Abdominal Muscles
Your core and abdominal muscles are activated to strengthen and define them. 

20 Minutes. . .
You will save yourself time. . . and get the maximum out of the time spent during your training session.
A 20 minute EMS training session is equivalent to up to 3-5 hours of conventional training. You are activating 350 muscles, contracting the muscles up to 36 000 times per session and burning up to 3000Kcal in just one 20 minute session.

Cellulite Reduction
What more do you need to know. . .
The lower penetration of impulses targets fatty tissue breakdown, increases circulation, stimulates the lymphatic system, tightens the connective tissue and visibly reduces the appearance of cellulite.

Build Those Muscles
EMS saves on time with concentrated focus on specific muscle groups. By combining EMS training with your regular training you are able to build muscle without adding any additional strain on the body.
Your Program is Created for You
Body Worx EMS trainers design your program to suit your goals following your in-body analysis.
Improve your Posture
Your whole body is strengthened through the activation of all major muscle groups
Back Pain Relief
By strengthening the back muscles, not only are you helping your posture, but this also helps relieve back pain

With full body muscle stimulation, circulation is increased, helping healing and repairing in the body. More energy, better sleep and increased cardiovascular capacity.

View your heart rate and training zones while you train.

EMS makes results even more achievable for people that have limited time. By focusing on the “problem areas” with concentrated muscle stimulation, you will increase your metabolism, helping to burn fat, and start to firm and tone the muscles beneath. That beautiful beach body is achievable. 
*when used in conjunction with good nutrition and positive lifestyle changes.*

Progress Reporting
Receive your workout statistics emailed to you after every session. Track your progress all the way.

Customised Programs
All programs are customised to help you reach your goals 

Rehabilitation / Sport Injuries
Through the use of EMS training we are able to assist in the process of rehabilitation by strengthening injured and damaged muscles. 

In a Nut Shell . . . 

EMS is low impact on the body, improves circulation & skin tone, stimulates the lymphatic system, targets the muscles to get you trim, toned and looking good.

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