Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) Limpopo

EMS Training

Electro Muscle Stimulation

EMS mimics your bodies natural muscle action, by sending light electric impulses to contract your muscles, in the same way your central nervous system does to control your muscular actions. EMS uses this same principle to work deeper into the layers of the muscles that are hard to activate through regular training. All this is made possible through the use of the EMS bio suit and the specifically placed electrodes which target the right muscles . . . you know those ones that are “hidden” or that you work so hard to make look “pretty”.

Training sessions are customised depending on your health, fitness level, and your goals. Sessions vary from low impact, using lighter muscle stimulation and simpler exercise movements, to high intensity, stronger muscle stimulation and more intense exercise movements.

Depending on your goals, sessions may be just once a week for a more strenuous regime, more often if you are following a lower intensity program. The more intense the workout, the more time your muscles need to rest and recover. With a lower intensity workout, you are able to work-out with EMS numerous times per week, allowing for more rapid results.

Results are not guaranteed, these vary from person to person. As with any form of exercise and training there are health factors to be considered, these will discussed before you can begin. Also available is a list of contra-indications (available here) for you to review.

Why Body Worx EMS?

Body Worx EMS is an innovative WIRELESS 3rd generation EMS powered training system. 

Simply put, we use a wireless EMS device, no wires- you are not stuck to a machine, which allows greater range of motion, freedom of movement, unlimited training possibilities and the benefit of working out indoors or out.

Just one EMS workout is equivalent to
up to 3-5 hours of conventional training.
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